Social Action

Day 1 – Sponsored Walk :

We gathered at the university for 9.30 AM and set off walking around the town moors of newcastle for the next two hours. The journey itself was around 4 miles and the money we raised came from sponsors that we found ourselves. This included family members we talked to in our spare time and people we reached out to on the streets. We then used the money to buy equipment to clean the beaches (e.g Litter pickers and bags.). We also purchased a canvas to create our art piece that would be put up in the blue reef aquarium.

Day 2 – Tynemouth Beach Litter Pick :

We all travelled to the beach for around 10:30 and walked along the sea front. We used the litter pickers and bags to collect the litter left by others on the beach. We collected separate litter that we could recycle in the art piece and general litter we would just put into the bin.

Day 3 – Whitley Bay Litter Pick :

We all travelled again to Whitley bay beach for another 10:30 start. The weather this day was not as good as the day before but we came prepared with more clothing. We collected litter again to use for the art piece.

Day 4 – Art Piece Construction:

Spending the day in the Ridley Building we made the art piece. We decided on making a fish out of various pieces of litter. We then painted the canvas blue, outlined the fish and then started covering it in pieces of litter that we collected. The scales were made of aluminium from cans and other body parts from candy wrappers. There were also sea shells at the bottom along side bottle caps and wrappers to show how much litter is at the bottom of the ocean and how it is a threat to the wildlife in the ocean.