Phase 1

What we did – team building activities e.g kayaking, gorge walking, mountain hike . These were the main activities we partook in during the first initial week of our NCS journey. These activities mostly took place during the day so after having some free time to freshen up and have food; we would also partake in cohort and joint activities and games in an evening. These helped us to communicate to people outside of our cohort and this also caused us to bond in our smaller groups which would help us work together easier in later phases.

What we learned – within phase one, as a group we developed our communication skills as well as teamwork skills.As a collective group, we also help support and encourage one of the team members (Francisca) to learn the basics of swimming during kayaking. By doing this, Fran was able to feel more comfortable in open bodies of water and we were able to bond as a group.

Something new we encountered – one of the main activities (gorge walking) was a new thing for most of our cohort to try and it was a difficult activity for some of our team members to overcome. It was a strain physically and mentally. Kayaking was also something new that we tried during the first phase of NCS.

Something we have overcame – during this first initial week, we encountered a lot of challenges that made us feel exceedingly drained however, we were able to overcome a lot of personal fears and barriers. For example, many of us struggled to overcome the hike not only physically but mentally. This was a great success however as all of our group was able to push through and complete the hike to their highest personal ability.

Phase 2

Within phase two, we were situated in Liberty Quay Living which was student accommodation located in a familiar surrounding and in our own community. These student accommodation blocks where separated into six person flats in order to introduce us independent living. This week’s purpose was to build a sense of independence and adapt skills we have learnt within phase one into more common situations.

What we did – within this second phase we did things such as entrepreneur pitches, cooking competitions and learning about skills which can help us within tough situations and how to control emotions.

What we learned – an example of some of the skills we learned include communication skills, teamwork and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Something we have overcome – we as a collective group have overcome fears of living with larger groups of people which will help us branch out more once some of us begin to look at university’s.

Phase 3

During phase 1 and 2, we bonded as a team and realised we all have a passion for the environment. This is why we have decided to help create awareness about the damage we are creating. As a team we plan to reduce the amount of litter on the beaches, we are going to do this by raising money by doing a sponsored walk then spending the money we raised on equipment we will need to clean the beaches.

As a result of the litter pick, we are going to raise more awareness of the damage we are causing to our earth by creating a piece of art work that will be placed in the Blue Reef Aquarium, Tyne mouth, this piece of art will represent the plastic in the oceans and how we are destroying the earth and the marine life is suffering because of our careless actions.